Julian Thomas



More than 35 years experience in the design, planning, and analysis of complex computer systems, with emphasis on the development, evaluation, and coordination of solutions that cross subsystem boundaries. Extensive systems experience including MVS, AIX, VM, DOS and Windows, DCE (the OSF "Distributed Computing Environment"), OS/2, C language, REXX, HTML, and systems architecture. Avid PC user and programmer since 1987. Demonstrated management and technical leadership abilities. Innovative and creative problem solver. Effective communicator, able to explain complex concepts in understandable terms. Generalist with a wide range of experience and ability to learn new technologies rapidly.

I am seeking part time/contract work in areas such as (but not limited to):

I am located in the Finger Lakes area of Central New York State.

Accomplishments and Work History

1993 - present: Web Site Construction, Consultant and Teacher

1990-93 Senior Engineer; IBM Enterprise Systems, Kingston.
Member of System Design and Architecture department, AIX/ESA development.

1979-89 Senior Engineer, IBM Poughkeepsie.
3090 (XA, ESA) system design and architecture.

1962-79 IBM Poughkeepsie
Engineering including System/360 and System/370.

Various assignments at several companies in computer hardware and software design and development.


Patents, Publications, and Awards